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I have started to find little tricks, ways to get myself out of situations I feel like I can’t face. “Yaar, gaari naheen hai” (I don’t have the car today),”yaar, ijazat naheen milay gee” (I won’t get permission) are my excuses for not going out with my friends. But the truth is I have nothing to say to them anymore. It feels like the light in the little

When I decided to pursue a career in psychology I knew I would get questioned about the choice I was making. At first, I was not looking forward to answering those questions, but now with my undergraduate degree almost completed and some work experience under my belt I am thankful for the people who voiced their concerns rather than remaining silent.

Psychology is considered a “

The tragedy in Peshawar shook a desensitized nation to its core. It made people, not only in Pakistan but around the world, recoil and reconsider the extent of human depravity. But how did those at the epicenter of the attack deal with the aftershocks? Perhaps nobody but them can understand. Countless articles, since then, have been published quoting warnings given

You choose to write this because the idea of venting out appeals to you. Mostly because you feel like, and would rightfully and circumstantially assume that you’ve got nothing to lose. You don’t really care if people find out who’s the face behind this story, or what they make of this. You’re too tired, too broken, too weak and too numb to worry abo