CareForHealth Success Stories

Basic Needs,  Aman Foundation

Basic Needs, Aman Foundation's Success Story:

Basic Needs success story

CareForHealth rehabilitated a group of women with mental illness in Ibhrahim Hyderi. These women were identified and medicinally treated by Basic Needs, Aman Foundation.


Naeem 's Success Story:

Naeem’s Success Story:
Naeem, a recent BCom graduate, has been a valuable Accounting Trainee of a reputable Chartered Accountants firm since April 2013.

Mohammad Naim

Mohammad Naim's Success Story:

Mohammad Naim’s Success Story:

Mohammad Naim was offered the position of Park Supervisor by Cantonment Board, Clifton’s Horticulture Department. Although Naim has a background in data entry, he wished to immerse himself in his passion for gardening after being de-institutionalized (discharged).


Zubair 's Success Story:

Zubair’s  Success Story:

Zubair, a secondary school graduate, has been managing a team of 25 people in a tea and coffee-serving department at a reputable bank.
His supervisor said, when speaking about Zubair’s progress and integration, Zubair is doing very well. He is leading a team of peons and tea boys.