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Account Name: CAREFORHEALTH Account no: 1036-0081-008160-01-3 Bank Name: Bank Al-Habib IBAN: PK64BAHL10360081 0081 6001

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CareForHealth provides psychiatric rehabilitation to adults who suffer from mental illness; and then reintegrates them into society. We are the bridge between institutions providing psychiatric treatment medicinally and organizations that can ensure steady employment/training/housing to recovered clients. CFH provides psychiatric rehabilitation, reintegration and on-going support. Psychiatric rehabilitation educates sufferers about their specific illness, teaches them coping strategies for stress, leftover symptoms, gears them to prevent relapse, increase their social support and most importantly, helps them to rebuild social skills and functionality that are lost during the most recent episode of illness.

Reintegration allows sufferers to become independent and productive members of society. This coupled with on-going support post-reintegration minimizes chances of relapse and re-hospitalization.

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