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"He was fighting for 10 years with bipolar symptoms, depression and had a history with ElectroConvulsive Therapy as well. His speech was not fluent he had timid body language, damaged self-confidence, low memory and intense cognitive issues. At the beginning of the sessions we did not know if we will be able to make even a little difference in his life.

It was after 2-3 months when he finally told us that he has got some routine and has started taking sketching class which he loved to do that we were able to see that he is set on his path of recovery. He looked very fresh that day. He is now continuing his studies in Arts, living his passion and is managing household responsibilities himself. His next goal is to get financially independent which is yet to be achieved."

"She was a client with severe trust issues and paranoid delusions. It took time to get her adjusted but gradually she opened up and was the one who gave huge motivation to other members. It was after 6 months she looked quite optimistic and energetic towards her life. She also got her makeover done after that. She used to say that this is the platform where we are most comfortable and know that we can share all of our problems. Due to stigmas attached, she used to ignore disturbing events happening around her but now she is able to deal with them in a healthy way. She is not scared anymore!

It was after 6 months she looked quite optimistic and energetic towards her life"

"The first day we met M, he did not make eye-contact, had poor short-term memory, and had impaired speech. However, he was punctual, regular, and consistent at his sessions with CareForHealth practitioners.

A few months into the program, we saw remarkable change. His humorous and lively personality shone through, and he was able to secure a job as a watchman. Today, he is employed as an accountant for an NGO and works as an electrician as well."

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