CareForHealth Volunteers

A few interesting contributions from Interns at CareForHealth.


Mishal worked as intern at CareForHealth in 2017, and gave us the gift of a gorgeous booklet. She single-handedly wrote and designed for this booklet, which is now being printed to educate about mental health! Thank you, Mishal!


Anoushey brought her photography skills to CareForHealth, and gave us a portfolio of fabulous photographs. Thank you, Anoushey!


Maheen, a law graduate, helped CareForHealth research on the laws related to mental health in Pakistan. She worked with us from August 2016 till October 2016 and provided us with some interesting insights relevant to mental health in Pakistan.

Beutel Project

In collaboration with a Pakistani designer based in Germany, CareForHealth brings to you two beautifully designed bags. However, these are no ordinary bags. These bags are a symbol of our ongoing battle against the stigma regarding mental illness in Pakistan. All proceeds will go towards supporting CareForHealth's mission to help rehabilitate and reintegrate people with mental illness back into society.

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